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August 31st, 2010 § 0 comments

The other week i was catching up with Dominic Sears, whom i met at a networking event in Birmingham organised via LinkedIn a while back.

Aswell as having a nice cup of tea and some cake, Dominic was telling me how grateful he was for some insights and guidance i gave him about Twitter and how he may be able to get some benefits from using Social Media more, even for his business Suttongate Consulting!

Below is an extract from his blog, where he shares with us how he now uses Twitter for his Suttongate business and finding it very useful.

Like most people, I had heard of Twitter long before I appreciated the benefits and started to tweet. I initially had a rather jaundiced and cynical view of it, thinking it was just for a ‘spotty faced’ minority who had ‘nothing better to do with their day’. How wrong I was! The person to whom I owe my eternal gratitude for educating me and showing me the error of my ways is Donato Esposito, a Social Media specialist, who many of you will know as @BostinBloke.

Before I move onto telling you about my experiences from a business perspective, I thought I would discuss the personal aspects of Twitter. Firstly, it is a genuinely useful communication tool; enabling the ‘real time’ conversational aspects of e-mail, but by restricting you to a maximum of 140 characters, none of the waffle or spamming!

It’s also extraordinary the number of famous people you can ‘follow’ on Twitter. I know this will be rather subjective, but personally, I really enjoy following the BBC F1 team; Chris Evans; Dom Joly; Victoria Coren; Caitlin Moran; Dara O’Briain; Professor Brian Cox and Ian Martin (writer on “The thick of it”. And of course, like everyone else I follow Stephen Fry. I also follow Jonathan Meades, but he rarely ‘tweets’ which is a terrible shame!

So what have been the benefits to Suttongate Consulting? In short it has helped to promote my company and generate a huge amount of traffic towards our website. When it was first up and running last year, the site was getting on average seven visits a day during the week and three visits a day of the weekend. Posting discussions on LinkedIn would increase the traffic to around forty to fifty visits a day; but for no more than four or five days in a row. It would then go back to around seven visits a day. By developing a planned marketing campaign on Twitter, my average visits per day, including weekends, is in the 130 visits a day area. Indeed, on several occasions this month, I have had in excess of 170 visits a day!

So how did I achieve this? Well I followed these simple steps:

  1. I identified a social media dashboard which enabled me to schedule tweets, more on this later. I have found Hoote Suite to be the best.
  2. I looked at my website, and identified which pages I wanted to direct visitors to the most. Within these pages, I identified key points, comments or phrases I wanted to draw potential clients’ attention to.
  3. Using these key points, I developed a number of short but catchy strap lines, sound bites, whatever you want to call them, and developed them into a crib sheet on a Word document.
  4. I shortened the URL’s for the relevant page, and attached it to the end of each strap line.
  5. I ran various tests with these tweets, to determine the best times to send them.
  6. Using Hoote Suite, and based on the results of my tests; I scheduled each strap line to be tweeted every twenty to thirty minutes during the day; typically between 7am and 7-9pm.
  7. Each day, I mix up the order of these tweets in order to maintain variety. I do have a specific tweet for first thing in the morning, and three for the end of the day though.
  8. I constantly look to update these tweets to keep them fresh and not bore the audience with the same tweets over a period of time.
  9. I don’t forget to send non-scheduled tweets during the day, as and when the opportunity presents itself.

I am very pleased with the results. Why don’t you try it and tell me what results you get?

Want to find out how to get the best out of Social Media? Feel free to contact me about Kickstart?

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