Do you RAOR on Twitter?

September 23rd, 2010 § 0 comments

No, its not a typo, i do mean RAOR not ROAR.

What is RAOR? Well its quite simply, Random Acts Of Reply.

Following on from my post, How I Use Twitter, one of the ways i connect with people is quite literally randomly.

To some of you, this might sound scary or quite horrifying, but how else in business are you going to grow your network and effectively grow your business unless you speak to people on a random basis?

How do i RAOR?

When i switch Twitter on, there maybe a number of tweets showing on my feed, some are from people I follow and some are retweets (RTs) from people I follow. If a tweet catches my eye, i simply reply to them. The easiest one’s to reply to, is if they are asking a question.

What i find quite amazing, is the number of “well connected” people who only tweet amongst people they know or people they want to get to know.

Maybe they need to add a bit of RAOR to their daily Twitter use?

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